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8 Main Reasons You Must Have Health Insurance As Early As Possible

In Indonesia there are still many people who underestimate health insurance. Even though it's really important, you know! How about you? Do you already have health insurance? If not, you have to know 8 reasons for the importance of having health insurance. Don't you want to suddenly go bankrupt because you have to pay for treatment? Look carefully!

Health costs continue to increase every year

The progress of technology that has increasingly increased has made the medical field progress. Medical devices are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. That is, health costs are increasing every time. 13% increase in costs every year. With health insurance, you can make preparations early to prevent the things you want because of illness later.

Pain is an unexpected thing

The name is sick, surely it will come suddenly. Where does anyone plan to get sick in his life? However you try to maintain health, there will be others that will escape and disease will emerge. If you have health insurance, at least you will not be confused for medical expenses.

Shifting patterns of disease

Consciously, we experience a shift in the pattern of disease. In the past it was still rare for people to experience chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases. But now we can find these diseases everywhere. Everyone easily has the risk of developing deadly diseases.

We all know that we also know and realize that to treat these diseases requires a large amount of money. However, if you already have health insurance from an early age, if one day you are attacked by these diseases, at least this can reduce your burden.

The younger you have it, the lower the premium you have to pay

This is another advantage if you have health insurance early. The younger you have health insurance (also applies to other insurance), then the insurance premium you have to pay is also getting lighter. An alternative for you, there is also pure health insurance that you can choose, with a low premium fee.